TDI FIREPROOF ENCLOSURES are fire rated from 30- 60 minutes against UL 1709 Fire Exposure.

Convenient for field installation on existing equipment while in service without equipment shutdown or removal.


Fireproof Enclosures may be used anywhere a rigid, corrosion and impact resistant product is preferred.


Field Installed


Features of Construction

  • Base, Valve, or actuator mounting
  • All 304 SS Welded and gusseted construction
  • Step Joint Design
  • Welded Pass thru connections 1/8” to 3” Rated to 150 - 3000 psi
  • Hinged Doors
  • 304 SS Sheathed or Polyurethane Exterior
  • Intumescent Glass Option
  • Phenolic or SS Tags
  • Extended push buttons
  • Protected to 1093 C/ 2000 F for 30 minutes


  • Can be installed in any orientation or location
  • Durable, corrosion resistant
  • Seals out flame paths
  • Allows Connection of pipe, conduit and tube fittings
  • Allows access to equipment for adjustments
  • Superior Chemical, impact, and moisture protection
  • Permits viewing of gauges and IR Communication
  • Identifies Instruments and provides instructions
  • Permits instant control access without opening
  • Meets or exceeds UL 1709 and ANSI/API 607 Fire test requirements

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Fireproof Enclosure Linear Valve Actuator Protection

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